Will the Real Terrorist Please Stand Up? – 2011 Vancouver International Film Festival

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Film to show at the Vancouver International Film Festival:

Will the Real Terrorist Please Stand Up? – 2011 Vancouver International Film Festival.

Will the Real Terrorist Please Stand Up?
[WILTH] (Feature)
Nonfiction Features of 2011
(Cuba , USA, 2011, 82 mins, DVCam)
International Premiere
Directed By: Saul Landau
PROD: Saul Landau
CAM: Haskell Wexler, Roberto Chile, Tomas Hernandez
ED: Rick Tejada Flores
MUS: Cuban Cowboys, Greg Landau, Camilio Landau
Film Blog
Saul Landau, a senior fellow at the Institute for Policy Studies at the Berkeley Graduate School of Journalism, has produced more than 40 films in his career, most concerned with human rights. His latest documents 50 years of US-Cuba relations in which violent Cuban exiles–backed by the CIA–tried to dislodge Cuba’s government, and of five Cuban spies, now in US prisons, who tried to stop this US-sponsored terrorism.

In the 1990s, Florida-based exiles began bombing Cuban tourist sites, thereby damaging the backbone of Cuba’s economy. In one such bombing, an Italian tourist was killed. When the FBI refused to do anything to deter and/or capture the bombers–who worked out of Miami–Castro’s government sent agents there to infiltrate and report on the violent groups. Predictably, the FBI, having ignored the bombers, arrested the five Cuban spies. They were tried in Miami and given draconian sentences, despite flimsy evidence.

Landau’s film features interviews with Gerardo Hernandez, one of the Cuban Five who is serving a life sentence, as well as the Cuban “freedom fighters” who proudly acknowledge perpetrating acts of terrorism in Cuba. Even Castro puts in an appearance. Shot by the great Haskell Wexler, the film is as good looking as it is intelligent and enlightening.

Screening Schedule
Wed, Oct 5th 6:40pm
Empire Granville 7 Th 4 $12.00

Fri, Oct 7th 3:00pm
Empire Granville 7 Th 4 $10.00

Tue, Oct 11th 1:30pm
Pacific Cinematheque $10.00

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